Chenggong Contest
English -Historical Origin

The 921 earthquake in 1999 with the epicenter located at the Jioufenershan of this township caused devastating damages in this township. Over the past decade, the authority and all sectors of our society spent a great amount of manpower and resources on the rehabilitation after the disaster. Therefore, the vestige of earthquake destruction has been gradually removed and people have steadily stood up on their own. The civil associations, supported by the authority, also put all their efforts into the rehabilitation of local business. It was because of the support from the authority and the self-sustenance of the civil associations that the Cultural Festival of Guosing Township helped this place to recover from the suffering caused by the earthquake, demonstrating the perseverance in Hakka people. The vigor and vitality showed in the events of Chenggong Contest encourage all the township citizens and make it the yearly grand occasion in Guosing Township. We expect that the serial events of Chenggong Contest in Guosing Township will make its mark very successfully, just like Yanshui Beehive Firecrackers in Tainan, Pingsi Lantern Festival and Toucheng Cianggu. The people in Guosing are very proud of Chenggong Contest held in Guosing, Nantou and hope that their voice could be heard nationwide and the local folk culture could become welcome all over the country. These events are proposed in hopes of building new vision of Guosing Township and creating expectation, opportunity and future of new hometown. It is these serial events of Chenggong Contest that will drive the prosperity of local business in Guosing Township. Local citizens are impressed by these events and look forward to them every year, no matter adults or children. In 2009, in order to animate the local features, promote Hakka spirits, incorporate the Hakka elements of hard-working in agriculture and integrate the indutrial cultures, Township Mayor, Fufong Lin, proposed a event plan of pursuing success by Chenggong Contest and Divine Deer Worship in Guosing, combing these two events into one. It is hoped that the Hakka spirits of diligence, frugality, moral cultivation, family management, loyalism, solidarity, national tranquility and country stability will be glorified in slack farming time in Hakka villages.